The 5th Annual Redneck Yacht Club party! What an amazing time!! So many creative water! Great time absolutely!! There were easily 500 people out on Lake Minneola. There were several local bands, including Mad HAdder, that made their way onto the Official Redneck Yacht/stage and played Saturday.The mini barge, complete with pink picnic table and stripper pole, was anchored and floating directly in front of the stage - didn't get any pictures of this and can't figure out why? There are lots of pics, and you have to check out Cody Jacks website for the full effect.

The Redneck Yacht Club is hosted by Cody Jack's Seafood Restaurant and it's owner, Mark Reinhardt. You must stop out to Cody Jacks and meet the man behind the madness!! Great seafood, welcoming surroundings, friendly people and some of the best live local music in town!




The Sheriff's office had it's water patrol out there keeping everyone safe. Thank you to those officers! The local Fire Dept wad out there too - another round of thanks to all of them as well. I know we had a wonderful time and want to thank Mark and everyone that helped him put it together - Peter the Great, Billy Griffith, Cody, Mike who let everyone invade his space to park ( and the pulled pork sandwiches were perfect!!)

People were considerate, thoughtful, helpful and generous. We had such a good time and plan on being there next year whether we are playing or just bobbing on the water enjoying the day!

Of course, there's nothing better than hanging out with 500 of your closest friends, for a day filled with live music, food, beverages and witnessing everyone " playing nice"!

Mark, how'd you manage that?!

If you haven't been, you need to go!

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