Hello..thanks for looking..we're Mad HAdder. Let us introduce ourselves......from the top....


We are a four piece rock band. We do covers of today's new rock as well as classic tunes.

We have purposely tried to find the songs that everyone recognizes, can dance to, bop their heads to, tap their feet, sing along with, and when they hear it, say, " I haven't heard this song in a long time, I love this tune! " or " I love that song! You're the first band I've heard that plays it!"

Our set list is available upon request only.

Take a cruise through our site. Check out the live videos and the sound clips.

We'll be looking for you at our shows. Come party with us. If it's YOUR night out, then it's OUR night out too!! That's what they make Bloody Mary's and lazy Sunday's for!

peace. MHB


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