Just a few pics from the 1st Annual Bike Fest in Tavares, 2010. There were a few more pics of the other bands, but will have to locate them. Joining us @ Tavares Bike fest this year were, Andromeda, East Coast Connexion, Vallance Shell, and a few others. It was a smaller event, only in it's first year. baby steps...lol!! The organizers are already working on next--

year's event! Tavares Bike Fest 2011 will be bigger and better than ever!! We had a great time, met some wonderful fellow musicians. Thanks to everyone that showed up to party. To Stan & Roger, owners of ALS Landing - huge kudos! Doug K. and Samantha B.- organizers - alot was done in a short time. Next year, we'll blow them away!

We need some new photos!!...Anybody have any good ones they want to share? Send them to madhadderrocks@aol.com and we'll post them!! 

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