Hello!! Well, as you can see, I've been busy working on the sites.....here's what's new - Important show dates coming up and we hope all of you will take the time to come on out.

We are very grateful for all of the work we've had so far this year. The gigs have been fantastic, and we owe much thanks to all of you that come out and support us from show to show. It wouldn't be the same without you!

To date we've played some great shows - The Redneck Yacht Club event, Leesburg Bikefest, several benefits for Breast Cancer, and a Harley Riders Against Child Abuse event. Coming up we have  two Harley Davidson Open House Shows - Sept 4th - Ocala Harley Davidson and Sept. 17th Stormy Hill Harley in Clermont. Ride on out and enjoy the festivities!

Sept 18th in Deltona @ Critters Pub is an all day event to show support for one of our own - Michelle Ann Salvo, brilliant musician, incredible lady, diagnosed with cancer. This event is "I'm Fighting for My Life" and will feature some of the best bands in central Fl - Mad HAdder respectfully  joins the ranks alongside Speeshees, Aunt Stella's Ashes, EMC Trio, Bang, Susie Copeland-Gam, Crush, Sinister, Lillian Black, Casteen Rd,From Outta No where and numerous others for this very special event. We hope you'll join us and bring your family and friends.

And let me tell you about Mr. Brown!! He's wonderful! Inspiring! Gifted and a joy to work with!! Granted, it's hard to keep track of him while we're playing...you never know where he'll show up! Behind the bar, at a table, on his knees singing to someone...it's all good!! Thank you Eric for all your positive energy!

So, all in all I've left out the crazy stuff, tried to focus on the positive. Life is good. Music makes it better. You out there make it rock!!


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