Hahahaha!! Hey! So, here's what ya gotta do... be one of the first 20 people to bring this flyer in to any of the shows we're doing and we'll buy you a drink - a beer, glass of house wine or a well drink.

Present your flyer to any one of us in the band and we'll get you hooked up, introduced, and ready to party!

Then, we'll put your name, phone number and/or any other contact info you'd like to add, on the flyer and toss it in the hat for a chance to win something...Check out any of the websites for our show times and locations.

Must be present at time of drawing to win prize.

One more thing...RoCK On!!

 Free drinks limited to first 20 people only. One drink per person per night. One person per flyer.....we're trying to make it fair for everyone to get a drink! But, if we start seeing great results..maybe we'll buy the house a round!

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